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One-Click Recipe Download

Download Any Recipe With One Click

Any of EveryLastRecipe's 2.4 million recipes can be downloaded to your computer using Living Cookbook 2013, the award-winning cooking and recipe management software for Windows.

Living Cookbook was written by the developers of EveryLastRecipe so the software and search engine were designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with each other.

Living Cookbook is proven technology. It has been the number one rated recipe software on Top Ten Reviews for four years in a row. It is also's all-time most popular recipe software..

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Add Your Recipes to Grocery Lists

It is easy to add your downloaded recipes to a grocery list. Your grocery list items will be automatically organized by grocery aisle.

Recipe ingredient text (e.g. 8 Tbs onions, minced) will be converted to more manageable grocery list item text (e.g. 1 medium onion).

Living Cookbook can even calculate the cost of your grocery list items.

Turn Your Recipes into a Meal Plan

Plan a meal, a week's worth of meals, a month or even more using the powerful meal planning tools.

The software will take care of calculating the nutrition for each meal, day, week and month - a real bonus if you are trying to watch your weight.

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Create a Family or Fundraising Cookbook

Organize your recipes into cookbooks and chapters and then turn them into a publication. You can print your publication from within Living Cookbook or export it to Microsoft Word to take advantage of Word's many formatting capabilities.

Living Cookbook creates the publication's table of contents and index are created automatically.

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Customize Your Downloaded Recipes

Once the recipes are in Living Cookbook, you can really make them your own. Change the number of people the recipe serves, write your own cooking tips, add your own ratings and reviews, include some photographs or even videos.

Perhaps you always cook with 1% milk instead of whole milk. No problem. Just modify the recipe and Living Cookbook will take care of updating the recipe's nutrition, your meal plans, publications, etc.

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Get started in 60 seconds. Download and install the free 30-day trial.

We don't require a credit card, e-mail address or any kind of commitment for you to get started.

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