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Welcome to Every Last Recipe

Every Last Recipe is a search engine for cooking enthusiasts. It was originally developed by the makers of Living Cookbook recipe software to make it easy for recipe collectors to find high quality recipes without having to search multipe recipe websites. The site has since grown to include millions of recipes from hundreds of popular recipe websites such as AllRecipes,, Epicurious and Food Network.

The search engine is 100% free and doesn't require registration. Below are just a few of the features that make our search engine different from the rest.

Faceted Search

Once you have entered your recipe query text (e.g. "fish tacos") you can quickly refine your search using the facet fileter controls on the left side of the search results. You can filter by recipe rating, occasion, source and many other recipe attributes.

So if you are looking for low-carb, Mexican fish tacos, just type fish tacos in the search box, click the search button and then click on the Mexican and low carb filters on the left.

Choose the Facets That Work for You

Every Last Recipe supports 14 different types of facet filters. Six of them are shown by default: total time, rating, health, cuisine, occasion and recipe source. But you can hide and show the filter controls to suit your needs. Select Facet Options from the Options menu to show and hide the filter controls.

The other eight facet filters are meal, season, main ingredient, preparation, recipe type, chef, TV show and copycat.

Advanced Search

Every Last Recipe supports some of the same advanced search features as Google and Bing. You can put quotes around text if you want an exact match. And you can put a plus sign before a word if the results must include the word. Or you can put a minus sign before a word if the results must not include the word.

An alternative to using the advanced search syntax is to use Every Last Recipe's advanced search query builder. Just enter the optional, mandatory and excluded words in the appropriate boxes and Every Last Recipe will construct the syntax for you.

Select Advanced Search from the Search menu to use the advanced query builder.

Customizable Search

Every Last Recipe is unlike other search engines in that it lets you customize the search algorithm in the sense that you can control how the search engine determines the relevancy of a recipe based on where the query terms appear in the recipe.

For example, let's say you are most interested in recipes that have the word "microwave" in the procedure but you less interested in recipes that have "microwave" in the title. Using Every Last Recipe's search options, you could turn down the recipe name sensitivity, turn up the procedure sensitivity and then search for "microwave".

Similarly, you could tell the seach engine that recipe rating really matters to you but you don't mind if the recipes doesn't have an image.

Select Search Options from the Options menu to customize your search settings.

Popular Recipes

Are you looking for a little culinary inspiration? We find that browsing the most popular (i.e. most viewed) recipes is a great place to start. Every Last Search has ranked each of its recipes by popularity. You can use the facet filters on the left to filter the list of popular recipes if you want to see the most popular Chinese recipes or the most popular low-fat recipes, etc.

You can view the most popular recipes by selecting Recipes from the Popular menu.

Similar and Related Searches

Every Last Recipe offers two kinds of search suggestions. It displays simlar searches (i.e. the most popular searches that contain all or some of the words you searched for) and related searches (i.e. related search terms that people tried when searching for similar recipes).

Similar and related searches appear below the recipe search results.

One-Click Recipe Downloads into Living Cookbook

Any of EveryLastRecipe's 2.4 million recipes can be downloaded to your computer using Living Cookbook 2013, the award-winning cooking and recipe management software for Windows.

Living Cookbook was written by the developers of Every Last Recipe so the software and search engine were designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with each other.

Living Cookbook is proven technology. It has been the number one rated recipe software on Top Ten Reviews for four years in a row. It is also's all-time most popular recipe software..

Once the recipes are in Living Cookbook, you can really make them your own. Change the number of people the recipe serves, write your own cooking tips, add your own ratings and reviews, include some photographs or even videos.

Get started in 60 seconds. Download and install the free 30-day trial.

We don't require a credit card, e-mail address or any kind of commitment for you to get started.

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Questions? Ask away!

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