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I like to start with a whole chicken and cut it into 8 pieces. See video below. With this recipe, I cook the dark meat the first night, which leaves enough sauce to drizzle over the two breasts on the second night. The sauce can...
Tofu: Inspired by a recipe in The New Mayo Clinic Cookbook Serves 2 Nuoc Cham The Asian Grill Yield = 1 cup
Bechamel recipe adapted from Nancy Silverton's Sandwich Book
Adapted just barely from Michael Ruhlman's Traditional French Onion Soup
Feel free to take liberties with the ingredients here. I have made this using 6 tablespoons of clementine juice (versus 3 T. orange and 3 T. lemon), which worked just fine. The original recipe called for fennel bulbs (not...
Making this sheet pan macaroni can be broken down into three phases: 1. Boiling the macaroni until it's less than al dente. 2. Making a very thin bechamel using equal parts water and milk. 3. Baking it all together with a layer...
The original recipe calls for 1.5 cups of rice, and if you choose to use this quantity of rice, be sure to add 1.5 cups of water at the same time. Note: One cup of rice generously feeds four people.