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Dried fruit fills this white chocolate fudge making it pretty to give as a gift or to present on a holiday dessert table.
 (8) - Total time: 27 mins - Prep time: 15 mins
These are a hit for Christmas parties and get togethers. They are very rich but very addictive. Leave some out for Santa!
This is a great snack that can make a great quick Christmas gift.
 (8) - Total time: 25 mins - Prep time: 15 mins
With layers of vanilla chips, oats and dried cranberries, this delectable cookie mix looks as good as it tastes! For a special gift, tuck a jar in a pretty basket with wooden spoon, cookie sheet, kitchen timer and instructions.
Dress your kids in tie-dye T-shirts, blue jeans or striped miniskirts -- all made out of frosting.
Inspired by Tinker Bell's slipper-style shoes, and in honor of the Christmas holiday, these cookie slippers come in green and red.
 (32) - Total time: 1 hr - Prep time: 30 mins
There are a lot of shortbread recipes out there, but these are special. Vel is my mom, and these are the best! At first it will seem that this dough will not go together, but after a lot of kneading, the butter will hold this...
 (11) - Prep time: 30 mins
Start with refrigerated sugar cookie dough to make these adorable reindeer cookies. Kids can help place Rudolph's eyes, mouth, and antlers.
Whether you're craving chocolate cookies, lemon cookies, spice cookies, or sugar cookies, you can tweak this foolproof cookie base to bake a variety of Christmas cookies.
 (22) - Total time: 50 mins - Prep time: 40 mins
From Walkerton, Ontario, Janice Poechman sent in the recipe for these melt-in-your-mouth sandwich cookies with a scrumptious filling. "I helped my sister make these in high school when she needed a project in her home economics...
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