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For a quick, easy, and fresh-tasting dinner, you can always count on shrimp. Using easy-peel shrimp will speed prep because the shells are slit open and they’ve been deveined. You'll want to use your fingers to dig in, so keep...
A dry brine (an herb and salt rub applied directly to the turkey) creates satiny leg meat and juicy, perfectly seasoned breast meat. Air-drying the turkey on the last day of the 4-day process will make its skin super crisp when...
A few spoonfuls of sugar add a touch of sweetness to the buttery, salty popcorn. It’s like kettle corn, but better.
I often use this as a finishing salt””a flavored salt you can sprinkle on meat or fish after it’s cooked and sliced so you get a bit of seasoning with every bite. But it’s also a great seasoning to sprinkle on a turkey or chicken...
Salt-drying improves the flavor and texture of otherwise bland codfish, making it flaky and toothsome, and salt cod (aka bacalhau in Portuguese, or bacalao in Spanish) is a staple ingredient in the Mediterranean. Serve this...
For a very flavorful roast chicken, I like to liven up plain old kosher salt by mixing it with some fresh rosemary and lemon zest. Pulsing it in the food processor helps release the flavorful oils from the zest and the rosemary....
Roasting a beef tenderloin in a salt crust helps keep moisture in, making the meat tender and juicy. For an impressive main course, serve each portion of tenderloin over Warm Potato Salad with Gorgonzola, Baby Spinach & Walnuts.
You can make these up to a week in advance. Store in an airtight container while still warm to prevent the caramel from becoming sticky.
Salt-crusting has all the drama of a restaurant technique, yet it's easy to do at home. In this recipe, the trout becomes ultramoist and tender during roasting and pairs nicely with the classic lemon-dill sauce. Watch the Video...
I like peanuts best when they are well salted and paired with something sweet. Bazzini peanuts from New York City have an exceptional crunch, a good roasted flavor, and a pleasing level of saltiness, which makes them the perfect...
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