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 (2) - Total time: 1 hr 15 mins
This is a delicious copycat recipe for Hormel Chili. The secret ingredient in crushed Fritos Corn Chips.They add a unique flavor and texture to the chili. I like to make this in the fall for football games!
 (1) - Total time: 40 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
Based on a recipe from a can of Hormel Tamales Beef in Chili Sauce. This is not a battle I can win with DH so I’m joining! Lol! It really is good and qualifies as quick comfort food! We always use Hormel Chili No Beans. The...
 (71) - Total time: 1 hr 45 mins - Prep time: 15 mins
A copycat of Skyline Chili, true Cincinnati chili, except it's less greasy! I combine all the dry spices times ten and keep the "Skyline Spice Mix" in a jar cannister. One batch of chili will use 3/8 cup of spice mix. The spice...
 (2) - Total time: 1 hr 15 mins - Prep time: 15 mins
This is a delicious copycat recipe for Hormel Beanless Chili. The secret ingredient in crushed Fritos Corn Chips.They add a unique flavor and texture to the chili. We serve this over hot dogs, hamburgers, polenta, grits, etc.
Total time: 20 mins
When we picked up the Hormel Chili this month and I thought to myself.Hmmmm.... I want to give that a try in a dip.So I thought that I would share the recipe here.I hope that you'll give it a try some time.
 (5) - Total time: 5 mins - Prep time: 2 mins
This is such a quick and very tasty recipe. Great for parties and/or sports gatherings. Your guests will love this hearty dip!
 (13) - Total time: 1 hr 40 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
For fast food lovers from an online source posted in response to a recipe request.
 (94) - Total time: 30 mins
A friend gave me this recipe and it was an immediate hit with our family and friends.
Total time: 45 mins
from http://www.sixsistersstuff.com/2012/01/chilis-copycat-skillet-queso-recipe.html
 (90) - Total time: 45 mins - Prep time: 30 mins
This is a copy cat recipe from Todd Wilbur and his Top Secret Recipe site. I made these for my husband and I and they are just like the ones from Chili's. So good, I am sure you will enjoy them. It is a little time consuming but...
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