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 (317) - Total time: 20 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
Zucchini and onions are stir fried with sesame seeds and teriyaki and soy sauces.
 (281) - Total time: 25 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
Combining my two favorites, fried onions and fresh corn, my husband came up with this very simple, delicious side dish.
 (267) - Total time: 30 mins - Prep time: 12 mins
A soy-based Chinese-style beef dish. Best served over soft rice noodles or rice.
 (86) - Prep time: 10 mins
Keep Annabel Langbein’s sweetly saucy onions in the fridge to jazz up meals during the week
 (58) - Total time: 40 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
This simple quiche is a versatile dish that can be served with almost anything.
 (56) - Total time: 35 mins - Prep time: 25 mins
A delicious onion sliced to bloom, then coated and deep-fried. The recipe for the dipping sauce is also included.
 (255) - Total time: 55 mins - Prep time: 15 mins
Here's an alternative to all those extra sugary sweet potato recipes!
 (271) - Total time: 45 mins - Prep time: 15 mins
These are very delicate and the best I have had. My ex was a fanatic when it came to onion rings, and thought this recipe to be the best he ever had. Have also made other veggies in this batter. Can be refrigerated or frozen,...
 (84) - Prep time: 10 mins
Ainsley Harriot's onion marmalade will last for up to two months if stored in sterilised jars and makes a great staple to enjoy with cold meats, cheeses and meat pies
 (164) - Total time: 20 mins - Prep time: 20 mins
I have been making these for over 20 years, I usually get about 15 patties but it depends on the size of the batter that you drop in the pan, these are better if fried to very brown and crispy, you can make a double recipe, fry...
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