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 (235) - Total time: 45 mins - Prep time: 15 mins
A wonderfully elegant and easy pork tenderloin dish with a creamy herbed wine sauce. Very rich, without all of the fat and calories! Serve with garlic mashed potatoes. A wonderful dish.
 (213) - Total time: 45 mins - Prep time: 15 mins
Mouthwatering pork infused with a tempting spice rub and brushed with tangy dressing and thick honey. Tastes like an island vacation in your own backyard.
 (91) - Total time: 35 mins - Prep time: 20 mins
This is a quick and tasty dish that will definitely impress your guests. They will think you spent all day preparing this! Greek olives and fresh rosemary give it a lot of flavor!
 (77) - Total time: 4 hrs 45 mins - Prep time: 15 mins
This is my favorite summer marinade for pork tenderloin. Use any of your favorite fruit sodas - black cherry, grape, raspberry, etc. Also great served cold on a green salad.
 (64) - Prep time: 10 mins
Easy, delicious and healthy Island Pork Tenderloin recipe from SparkRecipes. See our top-rated recipes for Island Pork Tenderloin.
 (118) - Total time: 20 mins
This one-dish pork tenderloin entree is perfect for fall. Sweet spices coat lean pork tenderloin, while apples get a savory treatment with shallots and thyme. Serve with a spinach salad.
Baked sweet potatoes are great with the jerk pork. Scrub medium sweet potatoes and pierce in a few places with a fork. Place on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated 400°F oven until tender, about 1 hour.
 (68) - Total time: 45 mins
Very Good - my husband AND my children love it
 (90) - Total time: 35 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
A simple mix of aromatic spices is rubbed on this pork loin before it's cooked and drizzled with a slightly tart sauce.
 (61) - Total time: 50 mins - Prep time: 20 mins
A Martha recipe that is SOO simple with easy ingredients. Serve with oven roasted sweet potato wedges and steamed broccoli. Cook time includes prep time
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