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 (28) - Total time: 5 mins - Prep time: 5 mins
Oh yes, it's a copycat and it works!!! Saves $ also. Di
 (43) - Total time: 10 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
Run out of bisquick mix? No problem! Here's a great copy cat of the famous mix.
 (38) - Total time: 15 mins - Prep time: 15 mins
If you use Bisquick and run out, this is a good clone.
 (30) - Total time: 2 mins - Prep time: 2 mins
I just found this one today and like that it's super quick and uses vegetable oil (I like staying away from solid fats). I used it to make pancakes. I needed more milk than usual but they were by far the best "from scratch"...
Cooked chicken, frozen vegetables and cream of chicken soup are combined, then topped with a Bisquick, milk and egg batter to form a top crust.
 (74) - Total time: 35 mins - Prep time: 5 mins
So easy, incredibly yummy and chewy. The recipe calls for 1 cup of chocolate chips but I use about 1 and a half. ***UPDATE***Just an added note, I've used a copycat version of bisquick and it turns out VERY greasy so you might...
 (25) - Total time: 25 mins - Prep time: 5 mins
In the game forum I tagged recipes for Bisquick mix and also beef stew that required dumplings. This is the original dumpling recipe from BettyCrocker.com that I will be using.
 (21) - Total time: 22 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
Alright, you caught me.... I hate using store bought mixes but I had some Bisquick in my pantry and needed a treat real fast one night when I ran out of flour so this is what I came up with!
 (62) - Total time: 35 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
This bisquick coffee cake recipe is one of my favorites. It used to be on the back of the Bisquick box, but they replaced it a few years ago. I'm posting it here not only to share it, but as a backup in case I lose my recipe card...
 (50) - Total time: 18 mins - Prep time: 5 mins
I love the soft texture the Bisquick gives these muffins. They remind me of the boxed muffins I enjoyed as a child. These can be mixed up faster than it takes for your oven to preheat!
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