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 (451) - Total time: 45 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
This has been a 'trade secret' for years, but it's so good I decided to share it! It's everyone's favorite, and can even be poured over a block of cream cheese and served with crackers for a fun holiday appetizer.
 (91) - Total time: 30 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
This is a quick recipe for tomato sauce. I have just given the outline for the sauce, but you can add any kind of vegetables to it. I especially like it with mushrooms and peppers.
 (631) - Total time: 5 mins - Prep time: 5 mins
This no-cook pizza sauce tastes just like the best takeout.
 (77) - Total time: 35 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
This is a family recipe usually served in summertime when basil is plentiful.
 (629) - Total time: 20 mins - Prep time: 5 mins
This is a rich, flavorful red enchilada sauce. Pour over your favorite enchiladas and you're all set.
 (151) - Total time: 35 mins - Prep time: 5 mins
Don't buy ready-made bread sauce: it's quick and easy to make your own at home - and it tastes so much better. Our classic bread sauce is perfect drizzled over your Sunday roast or Christmas dinner. This thick, creamy sauce...
 (79) - Total time: 3 hrs
Yes, it's true -- caramel sauce can be this easy.
 (299) - Total time: 1 hr 20 mins - Prep time: 20 mins
This pizza sauce recipe was given to me as a wedding present, written on the inside cover of a pizza cookbook. It is thick, saucy, spicy and delicious. I'll never use anything else on my homemade pizzas. I like to double or...
This used to be one of the first lessons in home economics classes; invariably white and pasty, it coated many a bland dish. When well made, however, it has a proper place in homey, creamed dishes, often making leftovers stretch...
 (385) - Total time: 14 hrs 10 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
After growing up in West Texas for 30 years where barbecue is the best, I found this recipe which is so tender and absolutely delicious. Leftovers, if you have any, make really great sandwiches. You can increase the liquid smoke...
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