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 (30) - Total time: 1 hr 10 mins - Prep time: 20 mins
See how to make garlicky, crispy chicken wings.
 (35) - Total time: 6 mins - Prep time: 5 mins
This buttery garlic-parmesan sauce is so simple and tastes sinfully delicious. A friend baked plain chicken wings for her Super Bowl party but realized at the last minute that she didn't have Tabasco sauce on hand to make Buffalo...
These wings are sweet and sticky like candy! The sauce can be reheated and poured over a side dish of rice. Make sure to bring the sauce to a boil, and simmer for several minutes to kill any bacteria that may be present.
 (67) - Total time: 45 mins
Incredibly, crisp, spicy, lip smackingly good, deep-fried Buffalo Wings! There is nothing like the real crisp-on-the-outside moist-and-chewy-on-the-inside texture of these fried wings. I particularly like the wonderful balance of...
 (66) - Total time: 1 hr 15 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
See how to make saucy oven-fried chicken wings.
 (91) - Total time: 1 min - Prep time: 1 min
Boneless honey-garlicwings” with blue-cheese dip. Per serving (7 boneless wings with 2 tbsp dip): 543 calories, 18.6 g total fat (5.2 g saturated fat), 57 g protein, 30 g carbohydrate, 0 g fibre, 258 mg cholesterol, 975 mg...
 (586) - Total time: 40 mins - Prep time: 10 mins
This tastes just like hot chicken wings, but without the mess. It is very addicting, and is perfect for football and tailgating season. Serve with tortilla chips. I take this whenever I have to bring a dish and am always asked...
 (4) - Total time: 1 hr 40 mins - Prep time: 20 mins
I developed this recipe several years ago using chicken breasts, then decided to try it on wings as an appetizer - and it was a hit! If you like garlic, you're sure to enjoy these tender zesty bites. -Donna Pierce, Lady Lake,...
 (22) - Total time: 30 mins
Baked Parmesan Garlic Chicken Wings
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