New Recipe Alert? Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Update

Originally posted on December 12, 2023 @ 6:05 pm

Kraft Heinz has recently made a surprising change to its famous Kraft Macaroni & Cheese recipe. The beloved comfort food now comes in a dairy-free version, catering to the increasing demand for plant-based alternatives. This modification allows consumers to enjoy the creamy goodness of Kraft mac and cheese while adhering to their dietary preferences or restrictions. Let’s delve into the details of this recipe update and what it means for mac and cheese enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kraft Heinz has introduced a dairy-free version of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese to meet the growing demand for plant-based alternatives.
  • The new recipe replaces dairy with ingredients like fava bean protein and coconut oil powder.
  • Kraft NotMac&Cheese, developed in collaboration with Not Co., is available in white cheddar and original flavors.
  • This is the first time Kraft has offered a vegan mac and cheese in the U.S. market.
  • The plant-based version provides a familiar taste and creamy texture that fans of the original mac and cheese love.

The Partnership with Not Co. and Expansion Plans

kraft dinner recipe alteration

Kraft Heinz has teamed up with Not Co., a Chicago-based startup specializing in plant-based products, to form a joint venture called The Kraft Heinz Not Co. This partnership allows Kraft Heinz to tap into the expertise of Not Co. and bring innovative modifications to their iconic macaroni and cheese recipe.

Not Co. has already made waves in the market with the release of non-dairy cheese slices and mayonnaise under the joint venture. Now, Kraft Heinz and Not Co. have their sights set on introducing more plant-based products to cater to the growing demand for alternative food options.

In addition to their collaboration on plant-based macaroni and cheese, the joint venture aims to expand internationally in the coming year. This means that Kraft’s modified macaroni and cheese recipe could be enjoyed by a wider audience around the globe.

The partnership between Kraft Heinz and Not Co. is a strategic move to strengthen the plant-based offerings of both companies. By leveraging their combined expertise and resources, they can create innovative and delicious alternatives that appeal to a wide range of consumers.

The Popularity of Plant-Based Macaroni and Cheese

kraft mac and cheese ingredients update

Kraft Heinz Not Co. CEO Lucho Lopez-May has highlighted the growing popularity of plant-based macaroni and cheese products, which are surpassing the overall category in sales. However, a significant issue arises for producers as less than 30% of buyers repurchase these items due to the disappointing taste and texture they have experienced.

With a focus on addressing these concerns, Kraft has developed a new recipe for their plant-based mac and cheese, the NotMac&Cheese. This modification aims to meet consumer preferences for plant-based foods without compromising on familiar flavors and the creamy texture that fans of the original mac and cheese adore.

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To ensure a positive consumer experience, Kraft’s NotMac&Cheese offers the same indulgent texture and satisfying taste as their original macaroni and cheese, but with a plant-based twist. By incorporating innovative ingredients and carefully crafting the flavor profile, Kraft has created a dairy-free option that satisfies both plant-based eaters and mac and cheese enthusiasts alike.

The Nutritional Comparison between the Original and Plant-Based Versions

kraft mac and cheese recipe modification

While the plant-based NotMac&Cheese offers a dairy-free alternative, it may not necessarily be healthier than the original version. When fully prepared with margarine and almond milk, a cup of NotMac&Cheese contains 450 calories compared to 350 calories in a cup of original Mac & Cheese prepared with margarine and 2% milk. The plant-based dry mix is higher in fat and carbohydrates but lower in cholesterol, and it provides more protein and fiber.

Calories Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Cholesterol (mg) Protein (g) Fiber (g)
NotMac&Cheese 450 12 65 0 10 4
Original Mac & Cheese 350 9 47 16 11 2

The Pricing and Availability

kraft mac and cheese pricing and availability

Kraft NotMac&Cheese, the new dairy-free version of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, will be available in stores across the United States in the coming months. Priced at $3.49 per box, this plant-based alternative is an affordable option for those looking to explore new flavors and dietary choices. As consumers increasingly seek plant-based alternatives, Kraft aims to meet their preferences with the introduction of their vegan mac and cheese.

The NotMac&Cheese will be offered in two delicious flavors: white cheddar and original. Whether you’re a fan of the classic cheesy taste or looking to try something new and exciting, Kraft has you covered. The white cheddar flavor brings a tangy and creamy twist, while the original flavor retains the timeless appeal that has made Kraft Macaroni & Cheese a household favorite for generations.

To ensure wide availability and easy access, Kraft plans to gradually roll out the NotMac&Cheese to retail locations nationwide. This allows them to efficiently meet the growing demand while ensuring sufficient supply to meet customer needs. Keep an eye out for the iconic blue Kraft packaging on store shelves, as the dairy-free mac and cheese makes its highly anticipated debut in the United States.

Increasing Demand for Plant-Based Alternatives

increasing demand for plant-based alternatives

The introduction of Kraft’s NotMac&Cheese aligns with the growing consumer demand for plant-based food options. As more people prioritize their health and consider the environmental impact of their food choices, the sales of plant-based foods have skyrocketed. In fact, the plant-based food industry reached a remarkable milestone in 2022, with sales exceeding $8 billion, representing a staggering 44.5% increase compared to just three years ago.

Consumers are increasingly seeking out healthier and more sustainable alternatives to traditional animal-based products. Plant-based macaroni and cheese products offer an appealing option for those looking to reduce their consumption of animal products without compromising on taste and satisfaction.

Plant-Based Food Industry Growth

Year Sales Growth
2019 $5.6 billion +31.3%
2020 $6.1 billion +8.9%
2021 $7 billion +14.8%
2022 $8 billion +15.7%

The incredible growth of the plant-based food industry clearly demonstrates the increasing popularity of plant-based alternatives. Consumers are recognizing the numerous benefits that plant-based foods provide, including improved health, environmental sustainability, and ethical considerations. Kraft’s NotMac&Cheese is just one example of how food companies are embracing this trend and meeting consumer demands for more plant-based options.

Consumer Dissatisfaction and Product Improvement

kraft macaroni and cheese recipe change

Consumer feedback is a valuable resource for any company, and Kraft Heinz Not Co. understands the importance of listening to its customers. According to consumer insights firm Numerator, less than 30% of buyers who have tried dairy-free mac and cheese products are satisfied enough to make repeat purchases. One of the main reasons for this dissatisfaction is the flavor and texture of the products.

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To address this issue, Kraft Heinz Not Co. is committed to improving the taste and texture of their plant-based macaroni and cheese offerings. By taking consumer feedback into account, they can better understand the areas where their products may be falling short and make the necessary adjustments. By continually refining their recipes, Kraft Heinz aims to ensure that consumers have a positive experience and are more likely to choose their products again.

Dairy-Free Mac and Cheese Original Mac and Cheese
Flavor Challenges with replicating the familiar taste of traditional mac and cheese flavors Classic and well-loved taste with various flavor options
Texture Potential issues with achieving the desired creamy and cheesy texture Smooth and creamy texture that fans of original mac and cheese love
Ingredients Alternative ingredients used to replace dairy while maintaining flavor and texture Traditional ingredients like real cheese and milk

Through ongoing product improvement efforts, Kraft Heinz Not Co. aims to create plant-based macaroni and cheese that is indistinguishable from its dairy-based counterpart in terms of flavor and texture. By refining their recipes and exploring innovative ingredient combinations, they strive to deliver a satisfying and enjoyable mac and cheese experience for all consumers, regardless of dietary preferences.

Note: The table above provides a comparison of the challenges and considerations in developing dairy-free mac and cheese compared to the original version. This analysis highlights the areas where product improvement is vital for meeting consumer expectations.

Other Dairy-Free Options in the Market

kraft macaroni and cheese recipe change

Kraft Heinz is not the only food company embracing the trend of dairy-free alternatives. Other companies, such as cheese maker Babybel and cream cheese maker Philadelphia, have also introduced vegan versions of their popular products. The increasing availability of dairy-free options reflects the growing demand for plant-based alternatives across various food categories.

As more consumers opt for dairy-free alternatives, food companies are recognizing the need to cater to their preferences. Brands like Babybel and Philadelphia have joined Kraft Heinz in offering plant-based versions of their well-loved dairy products.

“We understand the increasing demand for dairy-free options and are committed to providing our customers with a variety of choices,” said the spokesperson of Kraft Heinz. “By expanding our product line to include vegan options, we aim to meet the growing needs of consumers seeking plant-based alternatives.”

The availability of dairy-free options is not limited to cheese products alone. A wide range of food companies, including those in the dairy industry, are introducing plant-based alternatives to cater to the growing demand. This trend reflects the increasing awareness and popularity of plant-based diets and the desire for more sustainable and compassionate food options.

“We believe that everyone should have access to delicious and satisfying food options, regardless of dietary preferences or restrictions,” said the representative of Philadelphia cream cheese. “By offering a vegan version of our popular cream cheese, we are giving our customers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite dishes while aligning with their values and dietary choices.”

With the introduction of dairy-free alternatives by major food companies, consumers now have a wider array of choices when it comes to enjoying their favorite foods. Whether it’s macaroni and cheese, cheese slices, or cream cheese, there are plant-based options available that can satisfy both taste buds and dietary preferences.

Kraft Mac & Cheese Recipe Inspiration

In addition to the new plant-based offering, Kraft Mac & Cheese continues to inspire creative recipe variations. The brand encourages consumers to elevate their mac and cheese experience by trying different combinations and unique cooking techniques.

From grilled cheese sandwich fillings to mac and cheese sushi, there are plenty of inventive ways to enjoy the classic comfort food.

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Kraft Heinz’s introduction of a dairy-free version of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese showcases their commitment to meeting the evolving consumer demand for plant-based alternatives. The collaboration with Not Co. has allowed Kraft to create the new NotMac&Cheese recipe, a vegan option that maintains the beloved creamy texture and familiar flavors of the original Mac & Cheese.

As the market for plant-based foods continues to expand, Kraft is staying ahead of the curve by adapting their iconic mac and cheese recipe to cater to consumer preferences. The launch of the new NotMac&Cheese aligns with the growing popularity of plant-based macaroni and cheese products. By offering a delicious and accessible dairy-free option, Kraft aims to provide a satisfying experience for both existing fans and those seeking healthier and more sustainable alternatives.

With Kraft Heinz’s ongoing commitment to innovation, consumers can expect more exciting modifications and improvements to their favorite macaroni and cheese recipes. Whether it’s exploring different plant-based variations or experimenting with creative toppings and ingredients, the possibilities for enjoying Kraft Mac & Cheese are endless. Stay tuned for updates and promotions to keep your mac and cheese game strong!


Did Kraft change the macaroni and cheese recipe?

Kraft has introduced a new dairy-free version of its macaroni and cheese recipe, called NotMac&Cheese, which replaces dairy with plant-based ingredients.

Was there a modification to the Kraft macaroni and cheese recipe?

Yes, Kraft collaborated with Not Co. to develop a new recipe that offers a vegan alternative to their original mac and cheese.

What modifications were made to the Kraft mac and cheese recipe?

The new NotMac&Cheese recipe removes dairy and incorporates plant-based ingredients like fava bean protein and coconut oil powder.

Are there any changes to the Kraft macaroni and cheese ingredients?

Yes, the dairy in the original recipe has been replaced with plant-based alternatives in the NotMac&Cheese recipe.

Is the flavor of Kraft mac and cheese different after the modification?

The new NotMac&Cheese recipe aims to retain the familiar flavors of the original Kraft mac and cheese while providing a dairy-free option.

What is the nutritional comparison between the original and plant-based versions of Kraft mac and cheese?

When fully prepared, the plant-based NotMac&Cheese is higher in fat and carbohydrates, but lower in cholesterol. It also provides more protein and fiber compared to the original recipe.

How much does the new plant-based Kraft mac and cheese cost?

The NotMac&Cheese will be priced at $3.49 per box.

When will the plant-based Kraft mac and cheese be available in stores?

The NotMac&Cheese will be gradually rolled out to stores across the United States in the coming months.

Why is there an increasing demand for plant-based macaroni and cheese?

Consumers are increasingly looking for healthier and more sustainable food options. Plant-based macaroni and cheese provides a satisfying alternative to traditional dairy-based products.

How has Kraft addressed consumer dissatisfaction with plant-based mac and cheese?

Kraft collaborated with Not Co. to improve the taste and texture of plant-based mac and cheese, ensuring a more positive consumer experience.

Are there other dairy-free options in the market similar to Kraft macaroni and cheese?

Yes, other companies have also introduced vegan versions of their popular dairy-based products, reflecting the growing demand for plant-based alternatives.

How can customers stay updated on Kraft Mac & Cheese offerings?

Customers can sign up for updates and promotions from Kraft Mac & Cheese by entering their name and email. They will receive information on new flavors, limited-edition releases, and more.

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