Cooking in ARK: Do You Need a Recipe?

When it comes to cooking in ARK: Survival Evolved, do you really need a recipe? Can you simply throw some meat on a fire and call it a day? Or is there a hidden cooking system waiting to be discovered?

In this article, we will delve into the world of cooking in ARK: Survival Evolved and explore whether recipes are essential for creating delicious and beneficial dishes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cooking in ARK involves using various cooking tools and techniques to create meals.
  • Recipes can be found in the inventories of carnivores and offer buffs and effects when consumed.
  • Different cooking tools have different cooking times and requirements.
  • Cooked food has a spoilage time that can be extended through preservation methods.
  • Cooking in ARK is not only about food; it also involves crafting dyes and soaps.

Basics of Cooking in ARK

In the world of ARK: Survival Evolved, cooking plays a vital role in sustaining your survival. Understanding the basics of cooking will ensure that you are well-prepared to create delicious meals and valuable recipes. To begin your culinary journey, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the essential cooking tools available in ARK.

There are four main cooking tools in ARK: the Campfire, Cooking Pot, Industrial Grill, and Industrial Cooker. Each tool serves a specific purpose and has its own unique features.

The Campfire: The Campfire is the most basic cooking tool in ARK. It allows you to cook meat and create simple recipes. It’s a portable option that can be easily crafted and provides a source of warmth and light in the dark.

The Cooking Pot: If you’re looking to expand your culinary endeavors and create more advanced recipes, the Cooking Pot is essential. It allows you to combine various ingredients to create powerful dishes with special effects and buffs.

The Industrial Grill: For those who want to cook large quantities of meat quickly, the Industrial Grill is a game-changer. It can hold a significant amount of meat and cooks it at an accelerated rate, perfect for feeding your hungry tribe or prepping for a big hunt.

The Industrial Cooker: When it comes to mass production and efficiency, the Industrial Cooker is the ultimate cooking tool. It allows you to create complex recipes in large quantities, making it ideal for tribe-wide feasts and industrial-scale cooking operations.

To power these cooking tools, you’ll need certain resources such as Thatch, Wood, Sparkpowder, and Gasoline. These fuels ensure that your cooking process runs smoothly, providing you with the necessary heat and energy to create mouthwatering meals.

Cooking times can vary depending on the tool you use. The Campfire and Industrial Grill offer relatively quick cooking times, while the Cooking Pot and Industrial Cooker may require more time to prepare elaborate recipes.

Now that you have a better understanding of the cooking tools available in ARK, it’s time to put your culinary skills to the test. Whether you’re grilling juicy steaks or simmering a hearty stew, let your creativity and taste buds guide you on your gastronomic adventure in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Recipe Cooking in ARK

ark cooking recipes image

ARK offers a variety of recipes that can be cooked to provide buffs and effects. These recipes can be found in the inventories of various carnivores. Each recipe requires different ingredients, which can include meats, vegetables, berries, and other resources.

Let’s take a look at the cooking time for recipes in different cooking tools:

In a Cooking Pot:

  • Cooking time: 60 seconds

In an Industrial Cooker:

  • Cooking time: 5 seconds

As you can see, using an Industrial Cooker can significantly speed up the cooking process, reducing the cooking time to just 5 seconds. This can be extremely useful when you need to cook large quantities of food quickly.

It’s important to note that some recipes require ingredients that can only be obtained through farming. For example, ingredients like Citronal, Longrass, Rockarrot, and Savoroot can only be obtained by growing them in a Crop Plot. So, farming can be an essential part of your cooking process in ARK.

Here’s an example of how a recipe list in ARK can look:

Recipe Required Ingredients
Simple Artichoke Soup Artichokes, Cooked Meat, Water, Seasonings
Roasted Prime Meat Prime Meat, Seasonings
Vegetable Medley Carrots, Corn, Broccoli, Seasonings

Trying out different recipes and finding the perfect combination of ingredients can add a whole new dimension to your ARK cooking experience. Experimenting with different flavors and effects can help you fine-tune your cooking skills and create unique dishes that suit your gameplay style.

So, don your apron and gather the required ingredients to cook up some tasty and beneficial recipes in ARK!

Spoilage and Preservation

Cooked food in ARK: Survival Evolved has a limited spoilage time, meaning that it will eventually spoil and become inedible. However, there are ways to extend the spoilage time to ensure that your food stays fresh for longer.

Preserving with Creatures and Preserving Bins

Placing cooked food on certain creatures or in a Preserving Bin can help extend its spoilage time.

When you place cooked food on a creature, such as a Carnivorous Dinosaur, it will slow down the spoilage process, effectively preserving the food. This can be particularly useful when exploring or adventuring far from your base, as you can rely on the creature to keep your food fresh for a longer period of time.

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Another method of preservation is to use a Preserving Bin. This structure is specifically designed to slow down the spoilage rate of various items, including cooked food. By placing your food in a Preserving Bin, you can extend its spoilage time significantly, helping you avoid wastage and ensuring a steady supply of fresh meals.

Extending Spoilage with Refrigerators

A Refrigerator is the ultimate tool for preserving food in ARK: Survival Evolved.

A Refrigerator is a structure that can be built in your base or settlement. It operates on electricity and offers the longest spoilage time extension for cooked food. By storing your food in a Refrigerator, you can extend its spoilage time by up to 20 days. This is especially beneficial for players who prefer to cook in bulk or for tribes looking to stockpile food for long periods of time.

Using a Refrigerator effectively can help you maintain a steady supply of fresh food, reducing the need for continuous cooking and ensuring that you always have a nutritious meal available when you need it.

Cooking Tool Spoilage Time Extension
Creature Varies depending on the creature
Preserving Bin Significant spoilage time extension
Refrigerator Up to 20 days spoilage time extension

Kibble Cooking in ARK

kibble cooking in ARK

In ARK: Survival Evolved, kibble is a specialized food that plays a crucial role in taming creatures. Different types of kibble exist, each requiring specific ingredients to craft. These ingredients can include various berries, vegetables, meats, and other resources found throughout the game world.

It’s important to note that different creatures have a preferred type of kibble, which can greatly expedite the taming process. By feeding a creature its preferred kibble, the taming effectiveness is significantly increased, making the creature easier to tame and resulting in higher stats once tamed.

To cook kibble, players need to use a Cooking Pot, one of the essential cooking tools in ARK. The cooking time for kibble in a Cooking Pot is relatively short, taking approximately 30 seconds to complete. This quick cooking time allows players to efficiently produce kibble for taming purposes.

To give you a better understanding of the different types of kibble available in ARK, here’s a comprehensive table outlining the various kibble recipes and their corresponding taming creatures:

Kibble Type Preferred Taming Creature Ingredients
Raptor Kibble Raptor 1 × Dodo Egg
5 × Fiber
1 × Cooked Meat or Jerky
Terror Bird Kibble Terror Bird 1 × Dodo Egg
5 × Fiber
10 × Chitin/Keratin
Argentavis Kibble Argentavis 2 × Argentavis Egg
20 × Amarberry
2 × Mejoberry
3 × Fiber
Quetzal Kibble Quetzal 2 × Quetzal Egg
20 × Rockarrot
20 × Mejoberry
3 × Fiber
Spino Kibble Spinosaur 2 × Spino Egg
20 × Plant Species Y Seed
2 × Mejoberry
3 × Fiber
and many more…

By cooking these kibble recipes and using them strategically during the taming process, players can significantly reduce the time and effort required to tame their favorite creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved.

In the next section, we’ll explore the role of cooking in ARK from an RP (Role-Playing) perspective, and how players can create their own custom recipes to enhance their gameplay experience.

RP Oriented Cooking System

custom recipes in ark

In ARK: Survival Evolved, the RP Oriented Cooking System allows players to unleash their culinary creativity by crafting custom recipes with unique names, ingredients, and effects. This system adds an immersive role-playing element to the cooking experience, giving players the opportunity to experiment and create their own signature dishes.

To create a custom recipe, players need to place a blank Note in the Cooking Pot and select the “Create New Recipe” option. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing players to tailor their recipes to their liking and explore the potential effects of different ingredient combinations.

The effects of custom recipes are influenced by the player’s Crafting Speed Skill, adding an element of personalization and skill progression to the cooking process. As players invest in their Crafting Speed, they can unlock more potent and powerful custom recipes, enhancing their culinary prowess in the world of ARK.

Experimentation is key when it comes to crafting custom recipes. By combining various ingredients and adjusting their quantities, players can discover unique and powerful dishes with a range of effects, from enhancing combat capabilities to boosting overall survival skills.

The RP Oriented Cooking System offers endless opportunities for culinary exploration and adds depth to the gameplay. Whether you’re looking to create a recipe that grants temporary buffs in battle or a dish that provides heightened resource gathering abilities, the choice is yours.

Unleash your inner chef and discover the wonders of the RP Oriented Cooking System in ARK: Survival Evolved. Create custom recipes, test their effects, and become a master of culinary arts in the wild and untamed world of ARK.

Benefits of Cooking in ARK

buffs from cooking in ark

Cooking in ARK offers a range of benefits that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. By consuming cooked food items, players can enjoy temporary buffs and useful effects that can make survival in the wild easier and more efficient. Whether you’re looking to increase your melee damage, improve your movement speed, or enhance your crafting skill, cooking in ARK has got you covered.

One of the key advantages of cooking in ARK is the ability to obtain hyperthermic and hypothermic insulation. Certain cooked food items, such as the Lazarus Chowder, provide insulation against extreme temperatures, allowing you to better withstand harsh environments. This can be especially useful when exploring different biomes or braving intense weather conditions.

Additionally, cooked food items can be used as a tool for taming and feeding animals. Certain creatures have a preference for specific types of food, and feeding them their preferred dish can greatly speed up the taming process. This not only saves time but also ensures that you make the most efficient use of your resources.

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Buff/Effect Food Item Effect Duration
Increased Melee Damage Cooked Prime Meat or Cooked Prime Fish Meat 5 minutes
Increased Movement Speed Cooked Meat Jerky or Cooked Fish Jerky 5 minutes
Improved Crafting Skill Shadow Steak Saute or Mindwipe Tonic 15 minutes
Hyperthermic Insulation (Heat Resistance) Lazarus Chowder or Focal Chili 5 minutes
Hypothermic Insulation (Cold Resistance) Fria Curry or Fria Chili 5 minutes

It’s essential to choose the right food item for the desired effect. Some recipes require specific ingredients, such as rare resources or special crops, which can be challenging to obtain. However, the benefits provided by these cooked food items make the effort worthwhile, especially in challenging situations or during intense battles.

Experimenting with different food items and recipes can uncover hidden synergies and powerful combinations. Don’t be afraid to get creative in your cooking adventures. Who knows? You might discover a new recipe that offers unique buffs and effects, giving you an advantage in the world of ARK: Survival Evolved.

Crafting Dyes and Soaps

In the world of ARK, crafting goes beyond cooking food. Players also have the opportunity to create dyes and soaps that add a personalized touch to their items, creatures, and structures. Dyes allow for customization, while soaps serve practical purposes such as cleaning specific materials or structures.

Dyes can be crafted using various resources and recipes, and they come in a wide range of colors. Adding a splash of color to your armor, weapons, or even your tamed creatures can make them stand out in the vast world of ARK. Unleash your creativity and express your unique style through vibrant and eye-catching dyes.

To create these dyes, players need to gather specific ingredients and utilize the appropriate crafting stations. Here is an overview of the basic dye crafting process:

  1. Gather the necessary ingredients, such as berries, flowers, or other resources that correspond to the desired color.
  2. Access a Mortar and Pestle or Chemistry Bench, depending on the dyes you wish to craft.
  3. Add the ingredients to the crafting station and activate the crafting process.
  4. Once the crafting process is complete, retrieve the crafted dyes from the inventory of the crafting station.
  5. Apply the dyes to your desired items by accessing the inventory and selecting the “Apply Body Paint” option.

Soaps, on the other hand, are essential for tasks beyond aesthetics. These cleaning agents can be used to remove dirt, grime, or unwanted elements from certain materials or structures. To craft soap, players need to combine polymer or organic polymer with oil in a cooking pot or industrial cooker. This concoction creates a powerful soap that can simplify cleaning tasks and maintain the overall cleanliness of your base or belongings.

Dye Crafting Recipes

Dye Color Ingredients
Berry + Sparkpowder
Narcoberry + Charcoal
Amarberry + Gunpowder

These are just a few examples of the vibrant dyes you can create in ARK. Experiment with different combinations and discover your own favorite colors to unleash your creativity.

Whether you’re transforming your armor or cleaning structures, dyes and soaps offer an extra layer of customization and practicality in the world of ARK. Craft them to make your mark on the game and enhance your survival experience.

Custom Recipes and Crafting Speed

In ARK: Survival Evolved, players have the exciting opportunity to create custom recipes that can be tailored to their specific needs. The creation of these custom recipes is influenced by the player’s Crafting Speed Skill, making it crucial to invest in this skill to unlock the full potential of culinary creations.

By increasing their crafting speed, players can significantly enhance the potency and power of their custom recipes. The faster crafting speed allows for quicker experimentation and iteration, enabling players to fine-tune their recipes to perfection. Whether it’s creating a savory dish that grants increased health regeneration or a special elixir that enhances combat abilities, the possibilities are truly endless.

Additionally, the Focal Chili item from Rockwell Recipes can greatly impact the custom recipe creation process. Focal Chili is a consumable item that temporarily boosts the player’s crafting speed, making it an invaluable asset for those seeking to maximize their culinary expertise.

Experimentation is key when it comes to custom recipe creation in ARK. Players should explore different combinations of ingredients and settings to discover the best results. With each successful creation, players can unlock new and exciting buffs, effects, and benefits that can significantly enhance their gameplay experience.

Crafting Speed Effects

Crafting Speed Level Effect on Custom Recipe
Level 1-10 Minimal impact on recipe potency and power
Level 11-20 Slight increase in recipe potency and power
Level 21-40 Moderate increase in recipe potency and power
Level 41-60 Significant increase in recipe potency and power
Level 61+ Maximized recipe potency and power

As players progress and invest in their crafting speed, they can unlock the true potential of custom recipe creation. The ability to craft unique and powerful recipes provides a significant advantage in the challenging world of ARK: Survival Evolved, ensuring that players can adapt and thrive in any situation they encounter.

Mobile Kibble Cooking

The mobile version of ARK introduces a unique kibble cooking system that allows players to prepare specialized food for taming creatures. By cooking kibble using specific eggs, crops, and types of meat, mobile players can significantly enhance their taming efforts. It’s essential to gather the necessary ingredients and understand the cooking process to create the desired kibble recipes.

When cooking kibble on mobile, several key ingredients are required. These include Mejoberries, Fiber, and a water container filled with at least 25% water. By combining these essential components, players can prepare a variety of kibble recipes tailored to specific creature preferences and taming requirements. However, it’s important to note that Quetzal Egg kibble on mobile has different ingredient requirements, making it crucial to adapt cooking methods accordingly.

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To visually demonstrate the process of mobile kibble cooking, here is a table showcasing some popular kibble recipes and their ingredient requirements:

Kibble Type Required Ingredients
Dodo Kibble Dodo Egg + Mejoberries + Fiber
Raptor Kibble Raptor Egg + Mejoberries + Fiber
Terror Bird Kibble Terror Bird Egg + Citronal + Prime Meat Jerky
Quetzal Egg Kibble Quetzal Egg + Rockarrot + Cooked Prime Meat

Remember to gather the necessary ingredients and follow the correct kibble cooking process to maximize your chances of successful taming in the mobile version of ARK. With the right kibble recipes at your disposal, you can efficiently tame and build a powerful army of creatures to aid you in your ARK adventures.

Now that we’ve covered kibble cooking on mobile, let’s move on to the conclusion of our comprehensive guide to cooking in ARK: Survival Evolved.


Cooking in ARK: Survival Evolved offers players a wide range of options and opportunities to enhance their gameplay experience. By mastering the art of cooking, players can not only satisfy their hunger but also gain various benefits and buffs that can significantly impact their survival in the game.

With the different cooking tools available, such as the Campfire, Cooking Pot, Industrial Grill, and Industrial Cooker, players can cook a variety of recipes and create custom dishes. These recipes can provide temporary buffs to attributes like melee damage, movement speed, and insulation, giving players an edge in combat and exploration.

Furthermore, cooking plays a crucial role in taming creatures in ARK. The creation of kibble, a specialized food used for taming, requires specific ingredients and cooking methods. By mastering the art of kibble cooking, players can greatly speed up the taming process and tame powerful creatures to aid them in their adventures.

As players progress in the game and unlock new technologies, they can also craft dyes and soaps to customize their items, structures, and creatures. These added elements of personalization make the gameplay experience in ARK even more immersive and tailored to each player’s preferences.

Overall, cooking in ARK: Survival Evolved adds depth and complexity to the game, offering players the opportunity to not only survive but thrive in the harsh prehistoric world. By collecting ingredients, experimenting with different recipes, and utilizing cooking tools effectively, players can harness the full potential of cooking and enjoy the benefits it brings.


Do I need a recipe to cook in ARK?

Cooking meat in ARK only requires a Campfire or Industrial Grill. However, cooking recipes requires a Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker, which requires specific ingredients.

What are the basics of cooking in ARK?

Cooking in ARK involves using cooking tools such as the Campfire, Cooking Pot, Industrial Grill, and Industrial Cooker. Different tools are used for cooking meat and recipes, and the necessary ingredients and materials vary.

How do I cook recipes in ARK?

To cook recipes in ARK, you need a Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker. Recipes can be found in the inventories of carnivores and require a range of ingredients such as meats, vegetables, berries, and other resources. Cooking times vary depending on the cooking tool used.

How do I preserve food in ARK?

Cooked food in ARK has a spoilage time, which can be extended by placing it on a creature or in a Preserving Bin. To further extend spoilage time, food can be stored in a Refrigerator. Different recipes have different spoilage times.

How can I use kibble for taming creatures in ARK?

Kibble is a specialized food used for taming creatures in ARK. Different types of kibble require specific ingredients such as berries, vegetables, meats, and other resources. Different creatures have a preferred type of kibble, which can speed up the taming process.

How do I create custom recipes in ARK?

The RP Oriented Cooking System in ARK allows players to create custom recipes with custom names, ingredients, and effects. This can be done by placing a blank Note in a Cooking Pot and selecting the “Create New Recipe” option. The effects of custom recipes are influenced by the player’s Crafting Speed Skill.

What benefits does cooking provide in ARK?

Cooking in ARK provides benefits such as temporary buffs and useful effects. Consuming certain cooked food items can increase melee damage, movement speed, crafting skill, insulation, and more. Special food items can also be used for taming or feeding animals, providing specific benefits.

Can I craft dyes and soaps in ARK?

Yes, in ARK players can craft dyes and soaps. Dyes can be used to customize items, creatures, and structures, adding personalization to the game. Soaps are made by combining polymer or organic polymer with oil in a cooking pot or industrial cooker, with various uses such as cleaning materials or structures.

How does crafting speed affect custom recipes in ARK?

The creation of custom recipes in ARK is influenced by the player’s Crafting Speed Skill. By increasing crafting speed, players can create more potent and powerful custom recipes. The Focal Chili item from Rockwell Recipes can also affect the custom recipe creation process.

Can I cook kibble on the mobile version of ARK?

Yes, the mobile version of ARK features a specific kibble cooking system. Mobile players can cook kibble using specific eggs, crops, and types of meat. The cooking process requires Mejoberries, Fiber, and a water container with at least 25% water.

What is the summary of cooking in ARK?

Cooking in ARK offers a wide range of options for preparing food, creating custom recipes, and crafting specialized items. It’s important to collect the necessary ingredients, experiment with different recipes, and utilize cooking tools effectively for survival and progression in the game.

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