Potion Brewing Without Recipes in Kingdom Come

In the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, players have the option to brew potions without recipes, allowing for more experimentation and intuitive crafting. This feature provides a unique and immersive experience for players who want to delve into the world of alchemy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Players can brew potions without recipes in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
  • Brewing without recipes allows for more experimentation and intuitive crafting.
  • This feature enhances the immersive experience of alchemy in the game.
  • Players can create unique and powerful concoctions through intuitive crafting.
  • Experimentation and trial-and-error are required when brewing without recipes.

Learning to Read and Alchemy Basics

alchemy in kingdom come

Learning to read is an essential skill in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It opens up a whole new world of knowledge and possibilities, including the realm of alchemy. In this section, we’ll explore how players can unlock the ability to read and delve into the intricacies of potion making without the need for recipes.

Unlocking the Power of Words

One of the first steps in mastering the art of alchemy is learning how to read. This can be accomplished through a side quest called “Mightier Than the Sword.” In this quest, players are tasked with finding a Scribe in the village of Ushitz who can teach them the invaluable skill of reading.

For a fee of 50 Groschen, players can acquire the knowledge and ability to decipher books, including alchemical recipe books. This opens up a wealth of information that was previously inaccessible, allowing players to experiment and create potions based on their own intuition and understanding of the alchemical arts.

By learning to read, players gain the power to unlock the secrets hidden within the pages of ancient tomes and delve into the world of alchemy in ways they never thought possible.

Unleashing Creative Alchemy

With the ability to read and comprehend alchemical recipe books, players gain the freedom to experiment with potion making without the constraints of predefined recipes. This taps into the true essence of alchemy, where intuition, observation, and knowledge of the ingredients play a crucial role in creating powerful concoctions.

By combining different herbs, minerals, and other ingredients, players can brew unique potions with varying effects and properties. This intuitive crafting system adds an element of creativity and personalization to the alchemical process, empowering players to unleash the full potential of their skills and imagination.

“Alchemy is not just about following recipes, but about understanding the nature of ingredients and harnessing their inherent energies. With the ability to read, players can truly become alchemists in their own right, forging new paths and discovering the limitless possibilities of potion making.”

Mastering the Art

As players progress in their alchemical journey, their understanding of ingredients and their effects will grow, allowing them to create even more potent and specialized potions. Mastery of alchemy in Kingdom Come: Deliverance comes not from strict adherence to recipes but from honing one’s intuition, knowledge, and understanding of the natural world.

Continue reading to learn about the specific potions that can be crafted without recipes and to discover the secrets of creating the sought-after potions, such as the Savior Schnapps and the Lazarus Potion.

Brewing the Savior Schnapps

making potions in Kingdom Come

One of the most sought-after potions in the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the Savior Schnapps. This potion serves a crucial purpose – it allows players to save their game progress. While Savior Schnapps can be purchased from stores at a high cost, players also have the option to brew it themselves using a simple recipe.

Creating the Savior Schnapps requires a few key ingredients that can be found in the game world. By combining wine, nettle, and belladonna, players can brew this essential potion. The brewing process takes place at an alchemy bench, where the ingredients are carefully mixed following specific instructions.

Here is a step-by-step guide to brewing the Savior Schnapps:

  1. Collect the necessary ingredients – wine, nettle, and belladonna.
  2. Find an alchemy bench in the game world.
  3. Approach the alchemy bench and interact with it to open the brewing menu.
  4. Select the Savior Schnapps recipe from the available options.
  5. Add the wine, nettle, and belladonna to the brewing ingredients list.
  6. Follow the brewing instructions carefully, ensuring each step is completed accurately.
  7. Once the brewing process is finished, collect the Savior Schnapps from the alchemy bench.

By brewing the Savior Schnapps yourself, you can save both in-game currency and valuable resources. It’s a cost-effective option that allows players to focus their finances and efforts on other important aspects of the game.

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Remember, mastering the art of potion-making in Kingdom Come: Deliverance opens up a world of possibilities. With the right ingredients and recipes, you can create an array of powerful potions and enhance your gameplay experience.

So why not start with the Savior Schnapps? Brew your own potion and save your progress with ease. Experiment, learn, and become a skilled alchemist in the medieval world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

The Lazarus Potion

Lazarus Potion

When it comes to potent healing and hangover cures in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the Lazarus Potion reigns supreme. This powerful concoction revitalizes health and provides relief from the aftereffects of a night of indulgence. The beauty of the Lazarus Potion lies in its ability to restore vitality and clear the mind, ensuring players are at their best.

Obtaining the recipe for the Lazarus Potion can be an adventure in itself. Players can either seek it from the knowledgeable Apothecary of Rattay or embark on a treasure hunt, following a map to discover the secrets of its creation. The hunt adds an element of mystery and excitement to the potion crafting process, enhancing the overall experience.

Mixing the Ingredients

Creating the Lazarus Potion requires a precise combination of three key ingredients: water, comfrey, and valerian. These ingredients are carefully measured and mixed in a cauldron, undergoing a specific boiling process that extracts their potent properties. The resulting potion is a testament to the alchemical mastery that can be achieved without the constraints of a predetermined recipe.

Here is a breakdown of the ingredients and their properties:

Ingredient Properties
Water Hydrating and purifying
Comfrey Accelerates healing and soothes wounds
Valerian Promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety

By combining these ingredients in the correct proportions and following the boiling process meticulously, players can harness the remarkable healing powers of the Lazarus Potion. The alchemical journey of creating this elixir without a recipe is a testament to the player’s skill and intuition.

With the Lazarus Potion in hand, the weary traveler can conquer any challenge that comes their way. The combination of healing, rejuvenation, and hangover relief makes this potion an essential asset in the kingdom of Bohemia.

Experimenting with potion crafting without a recipe allows players to discover new and innovative ways to approach alchemy. The Lazarus Potion serves as a prime example of the possibilities that await those who dare to experiment and push the boundaries of traditional potion-making techniques.

Leveling Up Reading Skill and Unlocking Recipe Books

how to make potions without a recipe

When it comes to potion crafting in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, honing your reading skill is key. Not only does it allow you to delve into the rich lore of the game, but it also unlocks a treasure trove of recipe books that can expand your alchemical repertoire. By immersing yourself in the written word, you’ll gain access to valuable insights and discover new potion recipes that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

Reading recipe books not only introduces you to new concoctions but also helps you level up your reading skill. As you advance your proficiency in decoding the written word, you’ll find it easier to decipher complex texts and unlock even more advanced recipes. This continuous learning not only enriches your alchemy journey but also has a lasting impact on your character’s abilities.

Expanding Your Potion-Making Arsenal

Unlocking recipe books offers numerous advantages, allowing you to expand your potion-making arsenal and experiment with a wider range of effects. Whether you’re seeking to create potions for healing, buffing your combat prowess, or enhancing your stealth abilities, the knowledge contained within these books will be your guide. With each new recipe, you’ll gain insights into the properties of various ingredients and learn how to combine them to achieve desired outcomes.

Moreover, as your reading skill improves, you’ll find it easier to comprehend and follow complex brewing instructions, ultimately leading to more successful potion creations. With practice and experience, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the alchemical arts and become adept at crafting potions without relying on predefined recipes.

“Reading is like unlocking the doors to a world of possibilities. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the more you read, the more secrets you will uncover and the greater your potential as an alchemist.” – Brother Librarian Artemius

The Path to Mastery

As you progress through the game and dedicate yourself to the pursuit of knowledge, your reading skill will steadily increase. This growth opens up new horizons for your character, allowing you to explore advanced recipe books and unlock even more potent potions. A higher reading skill not only enhances your alchemy abilities but also has tangible benefits in other aspects of gameplay.

Additionally, investing time and effort into reading can bring you unexpected rewards, such as hidden quests or valuable insights into the game’s lore. The more you immerse yourself in the written word, the more you’ll uncover the secrets that lie within the pages of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Advantages Limitations
  • Access to a wider range of potion recipes
  • Enhanced understanding of alchemical properties
  • Ability to craft potions without predefined recipes
  • Requires time and effort to level up reading skill
  • May not have immediate access to advanced recipe books

By embarking on the path of knowledge and dedicating yourself to increasing your reading skill, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities in the alchemical arts. With each page turned and recipe discovered, you’ll become a master of potion crafting, harnessing the mystical forces of Kingdom Come: Deliverance to your advantage.

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Finding Alchemy Benches and Essential Tools

potion making without recipe

Alchemy benches play a crucial role in potion brewing in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. These benches can be found in various locations throughout the game world, providing players with the necessary tools and workspace to create potent concoctions. If you’re delving into the world of potion making without a recipe, it’s essential to find these alchemy benches to embark on your alchemical journey.

One notable alchemy bench is located in Rattay, to the right of the Apothecary. This bench is easily accessible and offers a convenient location for players to experiment with potion brewing. Here, you’ll find all the essential tools, including cauldrons, alembics, retorts, and mortars, needed to craft your potions.

These alchemy benches are designed to provide a realistic and immersive experience for players. Just like real-world alchemists, you’ll need to gather the necessary ingredients, follow the brewing process, and use the tools at your disposal to mix, grind, and distill the ingredients. It’s a fascinating process that requires precision and experimentation to create the desired effects.

If you’re unsure about the specific locations of other alchemy benches, exploring towns, herbalists’ shops, and apothecaries is a good starting point. Keep an eye out for signs or characters who may offer hints or directions. Additionally, completing relevant quests or speaking with knowledgeable NPCs might lead you to hidden alchemy benches in remote or secret locations.

Once you’ve found an alchemy bench, you’ll be able to access the ingredients necessary for potion making. These ingredients can be acquired through various means, such as gathering herbs in the wild, purchasing them from herbalists or apothecaries, or even looting them from defeated enemies. Remember to always keep an eye out for rare or unique ingredients that can enhance the effectiveness of your potions.

Now that you know where to find alchemy benches and the importance of accessing essential tools, you’re ready to embark on your potion brewing journey in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Experiment, explore, and unleash your creativity as you delve into the art of alchemy.

“Alchemy is the art of uncovering the hidden powers of nature, where every bench and tool holds the key to unlocking limitless possibilities.”

Alchemy Experimentation and Intuitive Crafting

With the ability to brew potions without recipes, players in Kingdom Come: Deliverance can unleash their inner alchemist and embark on a journey of experimentation and intuitive crafting. This unique feature allows for a more immersive and realistic approach to potion making, where players can rely on their knowledge, instincts, and a dash of creativity to create truly unique and powerful concoctions.

Imagine feeling the thrill of discovering a new potion, one that no other player has encountered before. By combining different ingredients and experimenting with various brewing techniques, players can unlock the potential of alchemy in Kingdom Come and craft potions that suit their specific needs and playstyle.

Whether it’s a potion that grants temporary invisibility or a concoction that enhances strength and endurance, the possibilities are endless. By breaking free from the constraints of traditional recipes, players can explore the true artistry of alchemy, making each brewing session a unique and rewarding experience.

Intuition and Observation

Alchemy experimentation in Kingdom Come: Deliverance relies heavily on intuition and keen observation. Just like a real-world alchemist, players must pay close attention to the color, consistency, and odor of the concoctions they create. These subtle cues can provide crucial hints about the effects and properties of the potion.

“The art of alchemy is not just about following recipes; it’s about embracing your intuition and observing the subtlest details. The perfect potion is waiting to be discovered through keen senses and an open mind.” – Master Alchemist Isabella

Unleashing Creativity with Unconventional Combinations

Brewing without recipes opens up a world of possibilities where players can create unexpected and unconventional potion combinations. By combining rare herbs, mystical artifacts, and even the occasional exotic creature part, players can unlock hidden properties and effects in their potions.

While following traditional recipes provides a solid foundation, embracing creativity and venturing into uncharted territory can lead to astonishing and game-changing results. Who knows, you might stumble upon a new potion that revolutionizes the battlefield or aids in the exploration of treacherous dungeons.

Discovering the Secrets of Alchemy

Alchemy experimentation in Kingdom Come: Deliverance not only adds depth and excitement to the gameplay but also encourages players to embrace a more immersive role as an alchemist. By relying on intuition, observation, and creativity, players can uncover the secrets of alchemy and unlock its true potential.

Are you ready to step into the shoes of a daring alchemist and brew potions without recipes? Embrace the journey of discovery and let your creativity flow, for the world of alchemy in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is waiting to be unlocked.

Advantages and Limitations of Brewing Without Recipes

Brewing potions without recipes in Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers both advantages and limitations for players. Let’s explore the benefits and challenges of this intuitive and experimental approach to potion crafting.


When it comes to potion crafting without a recipe, players can enjoy a heightened sense of freedom and creativity. Without the constraints of predetermined recipes, players have the opportunity to discover unique combinations and effects that may not be possible with traditional alchemical methods.

“Brewing potions without recipes allows players to unleash their creativity, making each brewing session a personal and unique experience.”

This creative freedom encourages players to experiment with different ingredients and brewing techniques, leading to the discovery of powerful and rare potions that can give them an edge in the game. It fosters a sense of ownership and accomplishment as players develop their own alchemical recipes and become master potion brewers.

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While brewing without recipes offers exciting possibilities, it also presents its fair share of challenges. Without the guidance of a recipe, players must rely solely on their own knowledge, intuition, and observations to create successful potions.

“Brewing without a recipe demands an experimental mindset, as players must navigate through trial-and-error to uncover the secrets of successful potion making.”

This trial-and-error approach requires patience and persistence, as players may experience failed attempts and wasted ingredients. It may take time to refine the brewing process and uncover the optimal combinations and techniques for desired potion effects.

Additionally, brewing without recipes can be a daunting task for players who are new to the alchemical arts. It may feel overwhelming to rely solely on intuition and experimentation without the guidance of a recipe book or a master alchemist.

Despite these limitations, the challenge and satisfaction of brewing potions without recipes mean that every successful creation is a testament to the player’s skills and knowledge in the world of alchemy.

Advantages and Limitations Comparison

Advantages Limitations
Freedom and creativity in potion making. Reliance on personal knowledge and observation.
Opportunity to discover unique combinations and effects. Potential for failed attempts and wasted ingredients.
Possibility of uncovering powerful and rare potions. Daunting for new players or those lacking alchemical expertise.

In summary, brewing potions without recipes in Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers the thrill of exploration, creativity, and personalization. It challenges players to rely on their own expertise and adaptability while striving to uncover the secrets of successful potion making. Whether players choose to follow traditional recipes or dive into the world of intuitive crafting, the experience promises to be immersive and rewarding.


Potion brewing without recipes in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a feature that adds depth and complexity to the game’s alchemy system. It provides players with a unique way to engage with the mechanics, encouraging creativity and exploration. Whether players choose to follow traditional recipes or experiment with intuitive crafting, the ability to make potions without recipes offers an immersive and rewarding gameplay experience.

By allowing players to brew potions without recipes, the game fosters a sense of freedom and empowers players to rely on their knowledge and instincts. This feature not only adds realism to the alchemy process but also creates opportunities for players to discover unique combinations and effects. With each successful potion crafted without a recipe, players can feel a true sense of accomplishment.

Whether players are seeking healing potions, powerful elixirs, or invaluable savior schnapps, the option to brew potions without recipes in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game-changer. It opens up a world of experimentation and discovery, making the alchemy system truly dynamic and engaging. So, grab your cauldron and gather your ingredients – the kingdom awaits your potions!


Can you make potions without a recipe in Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Yes, players have the option to brew potions without recipes in the game. This allows for more experimentation and intuitive crafting.

How can I learn to read in Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

You can undertake a side quest called “Mightier Than the Sword” which sends you to a Scribe in Ushitz. For a fee of 50 Groschen, you can learn how to read and unlock the ability to decipher books, including alchemical recipe books.

What is the recipe for the Savior Schnapps potion?

The recipe for the Savior Schnapps potion includes wine, nettle, and belladonna. These ingredients are combined in an alchemy bench following specific brewing instructions.

How can I obtain the recipe for the Lazarus Potion?

The recipe for the Lazarus Potion can be obtained from the Apothecary of Rattay or through a treasure map. The ingredients for the Lazarus Potion are water, comfrey, and valerian, which are combined in a cauldron following a specific boiling process.

How does reading skill affect potion crafting in Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Reading skill plays a significant role in potion crafting. By reading recipe books, players can unlock new potion recipes and level up their reading skill. This not only enhances the alchemy experience but also provides additional benefits as reading skill increases.

Where can I find alchemy benches in Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Alchemy benches can be found in various locations throughout the game world. One notable alchemy bench is located in Rattay, to the right of the Apothecary. It’s essential to find these benches to access the necessary tools and ingredients for potion making.

What are the advantages of brewing potions without recipes?

Brewing potions without recipes allows for more freedom and creativity in potion making. Players can discover unique combinations and effects through experimentation and trial-and-error, relying on their own knowledge and observations.

Are there any limitations to brewing potions without recipes?

Yes, brewing without recipes requires experimentation and trial-and-error, as players must rely on their own knowledge and observations. It may take time and resources to perfect a desired potion.

How does brewing potions without recipes enhance the alchemy system in Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Potion brewing without recipes adds depth and complexity to the alchemy system in the game. It offers players a unique way to engage with the game’s mechanics, encouraging creativity and exploration in potion making.

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